Thursday, September 20, 2012

City or Suburbs?

That is the question...

My hubby I lived in the city of Vancouver for 12 years before moving out to the suburbs (near where we both grew up) 2 years ago. We love our house, the area, the school, friends...but...we miss the city! With 2 little girls now added to our family and the oldest one starting kindergarten next year (yikes!) we are really starting to think about where we want our girls to grow up, what we want to expose them to, what we enjoy personally (you know, all those deep life thoughts :-). So, that rambling actually leads me to a blog post about design. We went looking at some homes in Vancouver to see what our vibes were saying about are we 'city or suburbs' and we came across the coolest decorated home that has me totally rethinking my style! I was in LOVE with the way the owners had styled their home, you got a real sense for who these people were and I love when a home represents it's owners. It had me thinking that I want to add a bit more whimsy and eclectic pieces to my place. Adds personality. Here are some pics, which really don't do complete justice to the cute details. The owners had put different wallpaper on each stair with numbers - so fun! Enjoy...

Dining Room - painted a beautiful dark blue/grey

Kitchen was cute (and white how I love them)

Such a great living room. Lots of fun pieces that would make for great conversation but was also inviting.

Fun bedding, funky painting

Love the mix of midcentury and industrial. So eclectic

Cutest kids room with stripes on the ceiling.

Photos courtesy of MLS

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  1. Those stripes in the kids bedroom are exactly what I was planning to do on one of my boys' walls... and I love the idea of pairing it with that blue gray colour! :) Great to meet you last weekend!