Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sofa Table Style and A Pic to Love!

Yesterday I was given a challenge. My mom bought a sofa table (at her go to place - Homesense)  and came over to look after my daughter for 1 hour while I went on the hunt for things to accessorize it with. Being 9 months pregnant, I wasn't sure I was up for the challenge - but took it anyway! Within 1 hour and 3 bags later I returned. My mom is what some might call picky or let's just say not shy to hide her opinions. Well, I'm happy to report that of all the trial items there is only 1 thing going back (a wicker basket which I'll probably keep for my place). Here are some fuzzy i-phone photos of what I came up with along with a picture I found that really has nothing to do with sofa tables but I just adore the look of this living room. Enjoy...

New brass pulls to be added...

One of my favourite items I found for the sofa table - at Indigo book store!

I'm obsessed with this pic. I want to find somewhere to add a desk like this.
Image via pintererst

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  1. That is one of my favourite living rooms from Domino! This is where I saw the For Like Ever print and had to have it. I also can see a little peek of the Restoration Hardware ottoman your mom decided to go with?? Am I right:) Great job on the sofa table and accessories! I also bought that object from Indigo the other day, great minds think alike:)