Friday, July 29, 2011

Office Inspiration

I started working on my office about 6 months ago and have come to a stop - hence my post on office inspiration to get me going! I have a nice white desk, a book shelf, a great rug with orange as my accent and I'm hoping to clean it up a bit and get some more pics on the wall this month. Here are some inspiration photos of offices I love. I'll hopefully be able to share photos soon of our finished space. Enjoy....

Images Emily Clark, pininterest (other source unknown - sorry!)


  1. I'll be designing an office space in one of our basement bedrooms (currently under constuction). The closer I get to the point when I can choose paint colour the more concerned I get that my ideas aren't right. Yikes! Your inspiration photos definitely help me... they're fantastic and definitely represent the kind of space I hope to create!