Friday, December 3, 2010

Look Who I Found...

Yes, it's him. The infamous reindeer from Anthro who has been making his way around blogland lately. I'm sorry, I said I would move on from the Christmas theme but just had to share this one. I was at my local Homesense (for you in the US - same as Homegoods) and who did I see, all by himself...Rudolf! I had no choice but to get him. He is unique, recycled and eclectically wonderful. I hesitated for a moment as he does not go at all with the classic white, silver and sparkly theme I have been creating, but hey - that's what gives him more charm. So all those fellow Homesense/Homegoods shoppers out there - quick, he may be at your local store too! Oh, did I also mention he cost $29.99 ($65.00 at Anthro!). Enjoy...


  1. That looks super cute with your MBG Love print! I've been meaning to check out Home Sense for holiday decor... maybe this weekend!

  2. Look darling next to your LOVE print! Great find.


  3. Darling.. that is the fun'est holiday decor! xx

  4. Lucky girl! What a great find!